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What kind of boun This is your clean slate, compliments of the cosmos. Curious but don't know wher As the closest astronomical body to the earth, the moon can intensely affect us. Summer and mermaid hair go hand in hand, which is why we are bringing you some exciting news. By adding just two ingredients to any of our Apotheca Ancient Egyptians used facial oil daily to maintain vibrant and flawless skin. After a Many people are familiar with bergamot and may not even know it.

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If you've ever had Earl Gr Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. Shop Aromatherapy. Gift Card. Shop All. The Real Story Behind Our Vogue Paris Feature I can remember sitting on my bed in high school, thumbing through the latest Vogue Italia with a stack of foreign fashion magazines by my side. The name of the game this month? Getting it together.

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See what's in store for your sign, here. The temperatures may not reflect it quite yet, but the spirit of autumn is already starting to fill the air — and with it comes a renewed sense of responsibility. As we continue to roll through Virgo season, we should focus on getting organized and clarifying any plans made over the summer that still feel a little loosey-goosey are you, for example, really going to take that road trip?

When Libra season begins on the 23rd, our worldview will take on a rosy tint and that summertime feeling that anything is possible. Speaking of idealism, the full moon on September 14th will provide an escape from practicality, and urge us to indulge in our fantasies for the night.

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But keep things light-hearted — Piscean energy is notoriously sensitive, so have your fun, but guard your heart along the way. Focus up, Aries. Instead, prioritize rest, hydration, and any hacks that keep you on task and following your routine. How can you channel your often boundless energy to see wins in the short- and long-term? Analytical Mercury sliding into Libra alongside Venus will help you stay focused, but it could just as easily bring out your inner gossip. Find balance and keep your goals in mind, Taurus.

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The end of the month will see you reassessing your routines. Savor it.

How are things at home, Gemini? Libra season, which begins on the 23rd, will find you seeking playtime in earnest. While the sun is camped out in your fellow air sign, put your happiness first. Put in time with your hobbies, take that offer of a second date just for the fun of it, and lean into your desire for freedom — of expression, of movement, from judgment.

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Gemini season may have come and gone already, but this could be another chance to see how bright you can shine. For a water sign, you like to stay relatively grounded, Cancer. That said, the full moon on the 14th could shake that steady, stable foundation. Whether you like it or not, the distant call of the unknown will beckon you out of your shell, dear Crab, and ask whether your comfort zone is serving or actually limiting you.

Remember that the whole point of making a home is that it exists as a place to come back to after a time away. These reflections will come to a head on the 14th with the full moon in Pisces.

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  • A financial question must be answered; a conflict around your possessions needs to be resolved. Even for a decisive sign like yours, giving a final say on anything to do with money can feel daunting. Another precious resource, your time, could be in short supply as the month goes on.

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    Commit only to the events you want to attend. Your birthday season may be winding down, Virgo , but this is not the time to make yourself small. On the 14th, the powerful duo of Mercury and Venus will supercharge your house of finances, possessions, and security.

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    • Your naturally analytical mind will get a boost as you look over your earnings from last quarter and determine where improvements might be made. Your season ends for the year on the 23rd, when the sun moves on to your neighbor, Libra. Before you can celebrate the start of your solar season on the 23rd, there are some dues that need to be paid, Libra.