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Tables of Houses K.


Bhaskaran Astrologics of Kaalchakra — K. Timing of Events 3 Vols. Khullar K. Ephemeries, K. Year Books, K. Rao S. Kedar S. Krishna Kumar Conjunction of Planets- L. Jain Mundane Astrology- M. Gaur Transit- Col. Verma Your Destiny in Thumb- R. Rao Bhrigu Nandi Nadib- R. Rao Kaal Prakashika- N. Subramaniam Iyer Medical Astrology- N.

Muthuswami Gulika in Astrology- N. Muthuswami Astro Sutras- J.

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Chaudhary The Fascinating Jupiter- L. Shukla Natal Chart from the Palm- R. Muthuswami1 Vedanga Jyotisham- Dr. Suresh Mishra Art of Prediction- J. Bhasin Remedial Measures in astrology- G. Patel S.

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Dayanand 50 Hand Prints- Prof. Dayanand How to Read Faces 2 Vols. Panes Cheirosophy- A.

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    Saha Secrets of Vastu Shastra 2 Vols. Remedies Through mantras — Pt. Shastri Yantra Mahima — Pt. Niranjan Babu Rs. Dayanand Encyclopaedia of Palm Reading- M. One sample english book also published here for free and best understanding of this vastu shastra subject. Chappanna or prasna sastra horary astrology english translation by prof.

    Its providing you better options to solve vastu shastra defects you feel need to be changed in your life at home. Vastu shastra in telugu. Suryanarain rao published by the astrological office basavangudi in In the left column you have several links to pdf files each one is a jyotish book titles are not displayed in the link but if you want to know before you download right click on the pdf link click copy and paste in word or in another web browser tab.

    Sri Prasna Samhita. Prasna Marga Part Ii. Posting Komentar. Check with any of them. Sri C. I believe Sureshji had transalted both his books in Hindi and Gujrathi. When I checked with him he showed no interest in reprinting those books or allowing anybody to translate it into other languages. This is a free software, no license required. Just download the file, install, register and start using.

    I am based out of Mumbai. If any one interested to learn basics, feel free call me on , stays in bhiwandi, near thane. Do anybody in mumbai teach KP astrology. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you. Suhas sir namaskar, i want to learn kp astrology is there anyone who teaches me. I am staying at Dahisar — Mumbai. Regards, Gajanan Parkar Mobile no Please check my both blogs marathi: suhasgokhale. There are a few books in Hindi.

    Kp astrology books in hindi

    But books in English are simple to understand just give a try. In the mean time if I find in my archives , will try to send you a primer on KP in Hindi, just bear with me. Sir, I would like to have books on Krishnamurti paddhati in Gujarati. Where can I get it. So I would like to buy new set. In English or Gujarati will be fine. Please provide me the address from where I can buy them. Anyway check this guy , he might be having couple of copies left with him. I have been following your lovely blog for quite some time as well as I routinely go through different posts on You tube about KP system of astrology and other systems of astrology including Parashari Vedic Paddhati.

    Going through different articles by different astrologers or researchers as they like to be addressed! You have mentioned almost all the good literature available in Marathi about KP. But ,even fleetingly, I did not find you mention about Book of Shri.


    Sunil Gondhalekar Who proposed four step method -an extension of KP system. In short the scenario is quite interesting! Well coming to you What drives you to pursue with KP Astrology? I think now you are also into commercial aspect and offering consultations with some fees?! Finally , after so many years of your dedication what is your success rate of accuracy of the predictions offered? Take care , S. Namaskar , 8. As my focus is only on main stream authors and proven theories, I omitted many such one book wonders! Efficacy of this Cuspal theory is unknown. This method can be used for horary.

    I have mentioned this S P Khullar and his books in my articles. However this method has nothing to do with Naadi Astrology, this system is based on KP and KP itself is based on some Naadi principles, you can always find some traces of Naadi Astrology here. Ans: KP astrology is one of many methods I follow.

    I use KP mainly for Horary Prashna. Yes I do charge for my services. I spent my time, energy to help my clients and I expect to be compensated for it. This is not a hobby or past time for me but my bread and butter. The moment I start receiving free ration, free petrol, free clothing, free medicines, free housing etc. I can start offering free services , it is just that simple! So it is rather difficult to figure out rate of accuracy. Going by the feedback received and repeat customer and referrals, I feel that I am doing fine! Dear Suhasji. Thanks for all the information you have put in this blog..

    Kp astrology books

    You have provided the list of the KP books in marathi which is very useful. I would appreciate if you could let me know where else i can find the book by Late Shri.

    Vaastu International Courses

    Suresh Shahasaneji. Especially i am looking for Marathi Copy. The xerox would also work It is also requested to provide any source for classes on KP for in Mumbai, from where i can get thorough knowledge. When you srart your classes please let me know. I am looking for some books in english language to read on KP system. Kindly help me with a few books and oblige. Thanks 4 the reply sir shud we read above mentioned book for the start in same list tat u hav mentioned above..